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The question of how to get rid of bed bugs in Phoenix is a tough one to answer. Bed bugs are among the most fabled of pests, resurfacing after decades of being thought long gone and no longer a problem. Bed bugs Pest Control is essential for getting rid of these resilient pests.

Bed bug extermination is a field that needs to be updated, as old pesticides and methods don’t work so well anymore. Sexton Pest Control keeps at the top of the game of bed bugs pest control, making sure that our personnel are equipped with the best methods and the latest techniques about clearing out these persistent problems.

Bed Bugs

The fabled and much maligned bed bug; it was thought to be eradicated completely, and forgotten for decades by the general public. Over the last ten years bed bugs have resurfaced in the U.S. with a vengeance; brought back by a combination of increased overseas travel, growing resistance to pesticides, and a lack of public awareness. Much is still unknown about this elusive creature, and many methods of treatment used by pest control companies are outdated. If there is to be a permanent solution to the problem within the home, a company knowledgeable in the most current and effective bed bug services needs to be called.

The adults are 1/4 inch in length, about as wide as they are long and dark brown in color. The females will lay around 500 eggs over the course of their lifetime, that being approximately one year. Similar to scorpions, bed bugs can live up to a year without food and need to only feed five times over the course of their development in order to breed. Bed bug bites are unique in their appearance and pattern. They almost always appear in multiples, and much of the time the bites are in a very straight line across the skin. Another indication of their presence is dark blood spots on the sheets or mattresses. Worth noting is the fact that sanitation and hygiene have nothing to do with the proliferation of this insect. Excessive clutter, however, will provide unlimited hiding areas for them.

If there is any concern whatsoever that bed bugs may be present in the home, contacting Sexton Pest Control right away will save you many future headaches. Severe infestations can be expensive to take care of, not to mention time consuming and inconvenient.

To get more information on how we can get rid of any pest problem with a wide variety of pest control programs that Sexton Pest Control has to offer, please call us at 602-942-3653. You can also schedule a pest control evaluation by filling out our Request For Service form. Or you can reach us through our Ask Smiley form with any pest control questions that you may have. Since 1960 Sexton Pest Control has been providing homes and business with the highest quality pest control throughout The Valley of the Sun.

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