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Roof rat pest control
Dealing with the roof rat is something that is a professional in rat control Phoenix. These pests, originally from East Asia, are adept climbers and have a very fast breeding cycle. This means that if you do not get someone in to wipe them out fast, there will be a very large population in short order causing untold damage to everything in its path. Sexton Pest Control knows how to handle these annoying pests, clearing them out of your home or business before they start gnawing electrical wires or making rustling sounds as they shuffle around. Rodent control Phoenix has never been as reliable as Sexton Pest Control.

Roof Rat

Originally from East Asia, the roof rat has spread to every corner of the world. It has the quickest breeding cycle of all the rats, is an adept climber, and will eat just about anything. The heat of summer does not slow them down, and can actually speed up their breeding cycle. They are around 15 inches long and sleek in appearance, with a tail that is longer than their body. In the valley, they are found just about everywhere. Communities with large amounts of citrus trees, and vegetation in general, are the most prone to having an infestation. As their name implies, they are likely to be found in the attic. Gnawed electrical wires, droppings, and loud rustling sounds are good indications that you have one or two in the house. Because they multiply so quickly, it is important to deal with them right away. Within a matter of months two roof rats can become ten, and things only get worse from there. Over time, this rat’s presence in the home will lead to unsanitary and unsafe conditions in the attic, in addition to causing electrical shorts caused by wiring chewed all the way through.

Trapping for rats can be tricky to say the least. They are wary of new things, such as snap traps, in their environment, and can detect the smallest traces of poison. The technicians at Sexton Pest Control know how to deal with this pest; what baits to use, where and how to trap, and how to safely handle and dispose of caught rodents. For all your rodent control needs, Sexton Pest Control is the way to go.

To get more information on how we can get rid of any pest problem with a wide variety of pest control programs that Sexton Pest Control has to offer, please call us at 602-942-3653. You can also schedule a pest control evaluation by filling out our Request For Service form. Or you can reach us through our Ask Smiley form with any pest control questions that you may have. Since 1960 Sexton Pest Control has been providing homes and business with the highest quality pest control throughout The Valley of the Sun.

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