Whether you are a realtor looking to get a piece of property ready to sell or you are running a Home Owners Association, Sexton Pest Control provides professional pest control services to meet your specific problems. With 49 years of pest control experience, Sexton Pest Control provides a valuable service to realtors and Home Owner Associations

As part of our services, a Sexton Pest Control technician can provide a wide array of pest control services including termite treatments and in most cases, we can renew those warranties on an annual or multi-year basis. Plus, we can help with Wood Infestation Reports (Clearance Letters) to aid in the sale of a property.

One of our most useful services is the Sexton Pest Control weed elimination. This helps both realtors and Home Owner Associations control weeds and improve the appearance of their property.

Our customer service and “can do” attitude are reasons that many realtors and Home Owner Associations have been using Sexton Pest Control for many years.

Termite Inspections – Whether you are a commercial or residential customer, Sexton Pest Control can provide professional termite inspections and develop proper control applications. Our termite technicians are skilled in the preparation of a property that is on the market and will make all of the necessary steps to make it ready for sale.

Property Maintenance – The Sexton Pest Control weed control service is second to none. We can offer everything from one-time services to annual weed control programs. Clients of ours love our property maintenance services as they never have to worry about weeds again or have the added expense of having a crew that is pulling weeds all of the time.

Since 1960 Sexton Pest Control has been providing homes and business with the highest quality pest control throughout The Valley of the Sun.

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