Here at Sexton Pest Control we pride ourselves in using only the best products in the industry for all your pest control needs. We select all our material carefully and provide quality service using the best. Here are some of our most reliable materials we use to keep your home protected from termites, pests, weeds and more. 602-942-3653.


Termidor is the industry leader for Termite Prevention and Treatment.
Sexton Pest Control is recognized as a Certified Termidor Professional to provide termite treatments with this product.

Explanation of Other Pest Control Products We Use:

  • Indoor Pest Prevention for a variety of pests
  • Granules- these are water activated to treat lawns and other outside vegetative areas for a variety of pests
  • Herbicide is used to prevent and treat weeds
  • We use professional materials to target over 30 different pests
  • Use of the industry’s leading materials for prevention and treatment of a variety of pests

If you would like to know more about the products we use at Sexton Pest Control, contact us or call 602-942-3653.

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