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Looking for a termite control service in Mesa, Phoenix or in Queen Creek, AZ? Sexton Pest Control is proud to offer several options with our Sexton Extended Subterranean Termite Warranty Package.

Sexton Pest Control Termidor Certified Professional Business

With this exclusive program, we’ll treat your home’s exterior with the new and revolutionary Termiticide Termidor®; which has shown to be very effective in reducing or eradicating subterranean termites in a 5 year field trial conducted throughout Arizona. This simple application to the exterior of your home comes with the warranty coverage option of your choice. At that time, we’ll also address any problems with termites occurring on or in your home at no additional cost. What our warranty means to you is that should subterranean termites occur in your home during the warranty time period, we will treat that occurrence at no additional charge to you. Additionally, if you wish, we will also inject the Termidor® at all patio and garage areas to add extra peace of mind. Most times, this treatment can be completed without any drilling.

Sexton Pest Control offers termite prevention and termite treatment services for both residential and commercial properties. Home and businesses in Arizona should have some type of termite control warranty for their property to save themselves thousands of dollars in lasting termite damage. For both our termite prevention and termite treatments we also offer excellent warranty coverage and extended warranty coverage to keep your home and commercial properties protected throughout the years.

Termite Service PRICING

At Sexton Pest Control, we offer a free termite control estimate and inspection. You can count on our skilled professionals to take the time to properly inspect your property to ensure you get the right diagnosis and you receive the best termite control pricing possible. Contact our office at 602-942-3653 today for specific pricing and service schedules.

OUR Termite Control GUARANTEE

Sexton Pest Removal of Termites
Sexton Pest Control, Inc. guarantees to treat any occurrence of subterranean termites on or within the guaranteed structure during the specified guarantee period.

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To learn more about residential termite control services, our extended warranty package that is as little as $17 a month or other information on the wide variety of pest control programs we offer, please call us at 602-942-3653, schedule a residential termite control evaluation online by filling out our Order Service form, or you can also reach us through our Ask Smiley form with any residential termite control questions you may have.

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